Nov 4, 2013

High Five at the World Championships

Even when...
         there aren't any more "matches left to burn",
        when there is no more "fuel in the legs"
         and when it feels like every last effort has been "laid out on the road"
 ... it's amazing what wringing out a wee bit of force for a HIGH-FIVE can do!
Lex Albrecht, women's pro cycling, UCI, World Cycling Championships 2013, Florence Italy, Specialized Bikes, High Five
I had a few sparks left to give this fan a high-five at the World Championships when I thought my legs were about to fall off.  His cheering and spirit definitely gave me some extra sunshine to an already amazing day.

Representing Canada for a second time at the World Championships was an honour, a extraordinary experience, and a feat that I'll be endeavouring to attack again next year.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on in Italy, and from afar.  You're all SUPERSTARS!

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