May 21, 2013

Chrono Gatineau 2013

The competition was strong at the UCI 1.1 event.  Riders from around the world (Canada, USA, Ireland, Poland, Germany...) were on the start list. As my NOW and Novartis for MS teammates are preparing for their USA National Pro-Championships south of the boarder, I was especially honoured to receive a Wild Card Entry from the Chrono Gatineau race organization.  That way, I could race without my entire team being registered.

The race didn't quite go as planned.  But despite the mediocre situation that I found myself in on race day, it is definitely true that to finish in the top 10 at such a prestigeous event with an impressively strong field is something to be proud of, and the opportunity to race "at home" in Québec again was a treat.
Coming in to a turn... (Photo credit W. Saunders.  Thanks for the shot!)
Thanks again to the fans for coming out to cheer us on and participating in the activities associated with the event. Thanks as well to the Cycling Canada Cyclisme staff for their excellent support.

My next race: another UCI event in Philadelphia, the first weekend in June.  This time with NOW and Novartis for MS.

Check out this video:

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  1. You did great! I have this shot of you that shows what an athlete you are: Godspeed, -joc