Apr 25, 2013

Joe Martin Stage Race: Stage 1

Stage 1 at the Joe Martin Stage Race presented by Nature Valley is a 4km uphill time trial.  The course reminds me of my favorite place in the world to ride: The Parc National de la Mauricie just north of Shawinigan, Québec in Canada.

I was the third rider off today. Our team director Kurt Stockton said I was sitting in the HOTSEAT (first place) for quite a while. I had no clue though, I was busy racing.  Plus by the end, I was oblivious to almost everything but the feeling in my legs anyway (which was "BURN").  I was juicing out every last ounce of effort that I had left in me.  Heck, I was going so hard that my field of vision was reduced to probably something around 5 degrees. 

I just read a motorcycle driving manual a couple of days ago that stated: for every 15km/h faster you go, your field of vision is reduced by 20%.  I won't do the calculation here but I don't think this rule applied to me today... the PAIN factor overrode it.

I was one of the 5 riders to finish in under 10 minutes. (Finishing in 5th, just like I did in 2011!). My teammate Alison Powers just barely missed the victory but had an EXCELLENT ride and finished in 2nd.  NOW and Novartis for MS is now in the first place for the team classification.

But there are three stages to go, and we want that leader's jersey...

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