Apr 24, 2013

At Least They Were Homemade

I flew in to Tulsa, Oklahoma this afternoon.  Team mechanic Erik, picked us up in the Ford van and drove us to Fayetteville Arkansas, where NOW and Novartis for MS will be racing this week at the Joe Martin Stage Race.
At the Tulsa airport I saw something that impressed me.  It was a vending machine that sold fresh flowers.  The bouquets on the upper row were $20 and $10 was the price of the ones below.  What a wise thing to have in an airport.
So that impressed me, but a few hours later I spotted something that (almost) astounded me.  Before arriving at our hotel, look at what I saw being advertised on the side of the road:
Fried pies!?  Are you kidding me?!  I've never heard of such a thing.  Did I try one? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  (Erik did though.)  I see some pretty interesting things on these bike racing adventures I have...

That was the extent of my sightseeing though.  The Joe Martin Stage race starts tomorrow.  Time to get down to business.


  1. Nice! Race hard but keep safe, Lex.

  2. Good for you for resisting the evil siren song of the fried pies. Hopefully you'll have the same resolve when, no doubt, you'll eventually come upon fried Twinkies...