Mar 20, 2013

Leaving in The Snowstorm

We got hit with a big dumping of snow in Montréal, Québec in the past two days.  The entire province pretty much got their "fair share", or more than it, just in time for SPRING.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is what the first day of spring looks like this year in Montréal.  (Last year I should mention that on the same date it was almost 25 degrees celsius though.)
This, is part of the reason why it's so great that I love training indoors, especially at the PowerWatts facility in Montréal. options are a bit limited.

The other thing that is arriving just in time for such a wintery beginning to a new season, is my return to California for 3 weeks.  I've only been back "home" for one week since NOW and Novartis for MS' first stage race, and team camp.  But I fly out again to Los Angeles this morning.  In two days, I'll be racing the San Dimas Stage Race in San Dimas, CA for the third consecutive year.
What's in my carry-on backpack?  A book, my Travel Roller, a toothbrush and some earplugs.  Oh and my S-WORKS cycling shoes.  Just in case my checked bag doesn't make it.

Watch out balmy weather and clear roads, here I come.  Watch out San Dimas, NOW and NOVARTIS for MS wants to ROCK YOU! :)

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