Mar 10, 2013

I love fish.

I'm at training camp with NOW and Novartis for MS Womens' Pro Cycling Team. 

My life has been changed forever.  Okay I'm kidding.  But I tried something new.  A few years ago my dad told me that I "needed" to try a fish taco in California.  I'd never heard of a fish taco before, and it sounded like a greasy, deep-fried  fast food item on a value menu to me.  Had he not suggested I try one, I probably would have just stuck with eating pickled herring out of a jar.  Mmm.  My favorite.
So after riding, we took the FORD C-Max Hybrid team car and drove out to State Street Santa Barbara, and found me a fish taco.  I had been putting it off for 3 years, and that was long enough.
 So what's the verdict?  Ah, they're alright.  But they sure do not come close to beating NordSee's pickled herring sandwiches.  I hope franchises start opening up on this side of The Pond ... SOON!


  1. It's great to see that you have an open mind (and an open stomach!). When you do your first Tour du Faso ( be sure to try the "Goat on a stick". Mmmm good...

  2. Mmm, sounds good!
    And that Tour sounds like fun too. They'll have to start one up for the women though...