Apr 23, 2012

Sunny King Criterium 2012

Optum's set-up before the Sunny King Criterium
 Optum Pro Cycling raced the NCC Sunny King Criterium in downtown Anniston Alabama, with live coverage from every corner of the course as well as the start-finish line.  Every time I bust it around a corner on my HED wheels, I feel like I've got confidence and control on my side thanks to the way my Champion Tires grip the road surface.  They're the best tires I've ridden in my life, and they make crits like Sunny King that much more fun to race.

After several attacks and counter attacks there was one break that ultimately stayed away.  Jade, Emma and Annie (half of the team) rode the break while Courteney, Anna and I did what we could to manage the peloton.  We scored one prime in the pack and Annie brought one home from the break.

Although the break came dangerously close to being reeled in, the girls in the peloton just couldn't seem to get the job done, which is what we wanted.

Philip Darden 2012
Jade just barely missed the victory but landed on the second step of the podium thanks to some excellent Optum teamwork.  Next race: Foothills Road Race

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