Apr 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Orbea in Little Rock, AR

On April 23, 2012, Team Optum Pro Cycling Presented by Kelly Benefits Strategies visited Spokes Bike Shop in Little Rock, AR.  Spokes is the local Orbea dealer, and they have a wicked selection of bikes, clothes, and...a sweet coffee bar.

We took a spin and crossed the largest pedestrian bridge in all of America.  It was gorgeous.  Jade got a flat.  Rachel was the wise one who brought along a spare tube.  Thanks Rachel.

Afterwards, we were treated to some genuine Southern BBQ for lunch.  Then, we toured the Orbea American Headquarters.  Orbea is a Spanish company, that used to make pistols before bikes.  I found that out when I inquired why there was a pistol sitting in a plexiglass box on top of a filing cabinet.  Great decor, but I was curious about the motive. 
A Genuine Orbea Pistol
Orbea is a family friendly facility, apparently. Minus the gun.  I found this out when I asked why there was a mini drum kit and stroller in the warranty area.
Orbea USA's kid secton...a mini drum kit and a stroller!
We saw where the components are stored (like a real fancy bulk food section in a dream grocery store), and we got to try out the machine that spits out packing paper.  Check out the video:

I got to play around in the section of the building where they do all of their bicycle photography too.  I wonder if they'll use this shot for their next catalogue?  Maybe not...but I appreciate them letting me have my fun.
Playing with the suspended mountain bike in the photoshoot section

Since I worked in bike shops for many years, I found it pretty interesting to see how they packaged up the mounted frames before sending them out.  First, a layer of cardboard is laid down on the packing table, the frame is placed on it, holes are punched through with an allen key, the frame is attached with zip ties threaded through the holes, placed into a box, then the wheels, and then...the whole deal is stuffed with packing paper from the fancy machine I showed in the video.

The frame packing table at Orbea
The tire mounting section at Orbea.  One guy's job is to mount tires all day.  I never found out what his title was...
One of the components sections in the shop where bikes are put together before being shipped out.

Orbea dealt out some pretty sweet swag to us Optum Pro Cycling girls, including baseball caps, various t-shirts, and some awesome Killa Kompression socks, with red reinforced toes.  Thanks Orbea, that was FUN.

Orbea's Background Story!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for coming by. Best of luck at Joe Martin and the rest of the season. It was nice to meet you girls. Come back and grab some more BBQ whenever you want.