Sep 11, 2013


I am very excited and proud to officially announce that the Canadian National Team has released their roster for the World Cycling Championships to be held in Florence, Italy.  I have been selected to represent Canada along with 5 other athletes amongst the best women in the world at the World Championship race on September 28, 2013.

Lex Albrecht: Canadian National Team.  Photo copyright Nicolas Paquet -
I will spend the remaining period of time before the big event training in Montréal and at the PowerWatts Premier Studio.


 My team, NOW and Novartis for MS and all of our sponsors.
 Nuheat for your ongoing support, I am so proud to be a Nuheat sponsored athlete.
Global Relay Bridge the Gap fund for helping me achieve this ultimate goal for 2013, your support has made an enormous difference for me this year.
CSHNQ for supporting me with an amazing deal of valuable resources to help me train and prepare for my competitions.


  1. A huge Congratulations for making it to the national team, Lex! Good Luck!

  2. You have come a long way from the Oro Medonte Ridge Road ride to school in Barrie. All the very best in the World Championships.We are so happy for you, Lex!