Sep 16, 2013

Grand Prix Cycliste Montréal 2013

I promised I would be out to cheer on the Canadian riders for every edition of the World Tour races in Québec City and Montréal, and only one thing could stop me: a World Championships selection.  I got stopped last year, and slowed this year, but nevertheless...

In 2012, I was in Europe already preparing for World Championships (The Netherlands).  This year I'm home in Montréal preparing for Worlds (Italy on September 28, 2013).  I decided to be wise, take it easy, save my matches for training and recovering for my own racing.  I didn't go to see the race in Québec.  In Montréal, I ran around lot less than usual and hooked myself up with a megaphone to save my voice.  Perfect solution, excellent compromise.

Lex & the megaphone at the Grand Prix Cycliste Montréal.  Photo Credit: B. Poirier
Thanks to all of the Canadian riders for representing us so well, putting on such a great show for us, riding hard, and inspiring fans here on our own roads in Montréal.  Awesome, awesome, awesome. 

Especially since my self-assigned passion-driven mandate was to cheer on all of the Canadian riders, a SPECIAL HUGE congratulations to Guillaume Boivin for his team's victory.  At the end of the day, one rider takes the win, but in bike racing it's a team effort to get there.  NICE WORK!  Big, big props to Zach Bell for representing Canada in the break that lasted most of the race. AND, of course, Ryder Hesjedal for his podium finish!

Just one thing: TOO STINKIN' BAD that the women's World Cup road cycling race on the Mont Royal had to stop after 2009.  I don't know if it's 'okay' to say that, but it's how I feel.  I want a women's pro race back here in Montréal so I can race on my own roads again. 


  1. You know what, I think Serge Arseneault is already working on a comeback of the womens race.
    You rock Lex !

  2. Hey Lex. Now the father of two young girls I can see your point more clearly. Unfortunately it took have two girls of my own to really understand it. I hope for equal opportunity in anything they do, be it sports, business, or life itself.

    Derek (and fan)

  3. Love the outfit!!

    And I agree it would be great to have the Women's World Cup race back in Montreal.

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