Jun 12, 2013

Together in MS. BikeMS in Duluth MN.

I blew it. 

As I was retrieving my items from the airport security bins that had just passed through the scanner at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, I looked down and thought "Sheesh, I almost forgot that", went back to packing my things back up, forgot it anyway, and headed to board the plane.

I had just finished one of the coolest events that I have done outside of NOW and Novartis' race schedule this year: the BikeMS event in Duluth, MN.  Running on 6 hours of sleep over 2 days thanks to 2 early mornings in a row, and a super exciting day with Beth and Regina at the event, my energy was starting to run low!

Yeah, so low that I left all of my recordings from the BikeMS event behind at the airport.  Fear not, they're in the mail, heading home to Montréal thanks to Jim and Walsh from the MSP Airport Security lost and found.

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to watch the FOX 21 NEWS story about Regina, Beth and I at the event!

We had such a great time.  I want to do more BikeMS events.  Check out www.togetherinMS.com for more information about what we do at these events.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great news piece by FOX 21; and thank you, truly, for all you do to help raise funds & awareness in the mission of curing MS!

    Denise Lanier