Feb 22, 2013

Lance Armstrong: Lance Isn't CYCLING.

Read Gene Pereira's article in the Feb. 22 2013 edition of the Barrie Examiner (online HERE ) to find out what Lex Albrecht has to say about the whole Armstrong affair. 

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  1. You rock and it's great to read about your new team.
    Your commentary on the Armstrong mess was spot on. I was never a LA worshipper and hence his fall from grace hasn't turned my world upside down but he has gravely harmed all racers, races and teams in terms of credibility and, importantly, public support and sponsorship. (Bully for you, Novartis!!) That said, he was one of the hardest workin' people out there and certainly changed many aspects of the sport for the better, such as the approach to race and team tactics and discipline, "learning" every klick of mountain stages, moving the TTT from obligation to art form, and of course bringing it onto the radar in the U.S.
    All the best for the coming season!