Feb 10, 2013

Did I Just I Fall in Love With a Stem?

I had my white Specialized S-Works Amira training bike shipped to South Carolina where I'm at a training camp with the Canadian Cycling team.  The way the Amira was packed meant that I had to install the handlebars onto the stem of the bike.  (The stem connects the handlebars to the steerer tube of the fork)  I unscrewed all of the stem's bolts to release the clamp...but I still couldn't get the clamp open, and at first I thought this was a bad thing.

I reefed a little bit on the mysterious carbon fibre clip that was holding the clamp onto the stem, and it came loose - PHEWF.  I put my bars on the stem, and replaced the clamp and that mysterious clip.  That's when it all became clear.

That mysterious clip is an ingenious Specialized invention that holds the bars in place, leaving both hands free to align and dial in the bolts that secure the whole contraption!
 I've juggled with bars and stems so many times before and it's not a big issue, but it's not a pleasant activity either.  The Specialized stem with it's innovative carbon fibre clip made my job of putting my bike together that much more easy this morning.  What a COOL idea.

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  1. I trust that you applied the correct bolt STRESS to those fasteners, right?

    Remember: "Torque is evil. Torque is an engineered wive's tale" !