Jul 29, 2012

Herman Miller Classic: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On Saturday July 28, 2012, Jade Wilcoxson, Leah Kirchmann and I raced the Herman MIller Classic Crtierium in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After the expected slew of attacks and counters, Jade broke away with two other riders.  

Jade was just barely outsprinted by the American national criterium champion, Cliff-Ryan, and still managed to stand atop the 2nd step of the podium.  Hoping to round out the top 4 or 5 but only behind the break, I made one final attack with 1 lap to go.  I got caught just after exiting the final corner heading into the start finish. 

Great team racing, and an excellent first race for Leah who is back from her collarbone breaking crash at Nature Valley in MN.

Following our race, we watched the pro men race for their national crit champion title.  Optum ruled the race especially at the end where they took control with more than 5 laps to go.  The leadout train they gave Ken Hanson was perfect, and Ken delivered the goods, taking the national title.  I cheered so hard at the finish line that I had to sit down, very, very fast because I thought I was going to pass out. 

Way to go OPTUM!

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