May 26, 2012

Stage Two Time Trial at the Exergy Tour

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies takes exceptional care of us riders.  So much so that they even brought 2 extra staff members on board for the Exergy Tour.  This race is kind of a big deal, check out Jade Wilcoxson's blog post on the Exergy Tour ( for a description of WHY.  The extra help meant that the oodles of clothes I changed in and out of during yesterday's rainy road stage were clean for today's...rainy time trial (TTs for short).

The 16.7km (10.3mi) TT started in Kuna, ID.  I slathered Chamois Butt'r brand Embrocation all over my legs again, and even on the glutes.  I saw one girl's bike practically slip out from under her as she bolted down the start ramp.  I decided to keep it cool and not risk bashing myself up on the slick pavement.  Anyone who noticed my orange and black Champion System's speedsuit on Tour Tracker might have mistaken the turns in and out of the start and finish of my race, for a Monday afternoon coffee-shop-ride. I kept it all together though.
TTs aren't necessarily my specialty but I felt fast with my areodynamic set up.  Thanks HED wheels, and thanks Dino (from HED) for the virtual bike fit, and TT tips. 

Rachel (our DS) brought us all a hot spiced chocolate concoction after the race.  What a treat.  Especially for a team of soaked-to-the-bone cyclists. I told you we're super well taken care of, didn't I. 

My pistons are massaged, my spirits are high, but I'm a little tired.  No coffee in the I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.  The Queen Stage!

Never mind, I'm going to go scout out some decaf.

Results: Amber Neben, Evelyn Stevens and Clara Hughes made up today's podium

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