Feb 24, 2011

Thursday night spin...and the somewhat painful truth that not everybody can work wonders like Eddy

I love riding the trainer.  I look forward to it all day.  (I'm not even kidding).
Luckily today I didn't forget to put on my Headsweats band.  Yesterday, once I'd started pedaling I realized that I left it in another room.  I don't get off my bike for almost anything once I've been spinning for 3 minutes.  I learned my lesson though, and today my eyeballs thanked me for it.  No more sweaty eyes.  PHEWF!  It makes it a heck of a lot easier to see the guys battle it out in the Pyrenées in the '03 Tour.  (My choice of race for tonight. :) )

My cool down was a little rushed because I had to bust it out to make it to a last minute masso appointment.  I don't know if it's from cross-country skiing like a madwoman or (this is less exciting) repetitive movements at work, but my back is mega tight.  I realized after my appointment though...that you can't expect everyone to massage like Eddy.  Toodle-oo $67.  I have to find a good masso on this side of the Atlantic.  The mission is ON!


  1. I wear my Headsweats under my hardhat!

  2. aaaa massage, would be good right now.... do they deliver also ?