Feb 24, 2011

Lex's New Blog

I'm Lex Albrecht, a member of Team Juvederm Specialized Mazda.  Check out the team's official website at www.teamjuvedermspecialized.com  The official team presentation will be held in just over a week on March 5, 2011 at Specialized in Montreal.

We're looking forward to an awesome season.  I'm still not sick of the trainer yet...but I'm getting more and more pumped about tearing up the roads outside with the girls in Cali in just a couple of weeks!

This is the blog where I'll be posting about training, riding, racing, and everything in between.  The life of a girl who loves to ride her bike. 

Stay tuned...

Thanks a gazillion Dad, for helping me out with establishing this blog...
Tension. Not torque!

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