Sep 29, 2014

Ponferrada World Championships Crash

The UCI has taken a really cool (and awesomely clever, in my opinion) step, introducing on-board cameras into the peloton.  This year at the World Championships road race in Ponferrada Spain, 4 women had these special little cameras on their bikes.  My teammate, Leah Kirchmann (this year's triple Canadian National Champion - time trial, road, and criterium) had one on her bike.

There was a nasty crash at the Championship race that took out a big part of the field.  All 4 Canadian riders : Karol Ann Canuel, Leah Kirchmann, Joëlle Numainville and myself went down hard.  One rider's on board camera caught the moment of impact for Karol Ann and I (see at 1:11 minutes)
Here is the video that shows the crash, and also discusses the introduction of these cool new gadgets.

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