Aug 11, 2014

Sneaky USAC

It's no secret that I like to start my day with a nice cup of coffee.  At home I pull myself a shot of espresso.  On the road, I like a good cup of drip coffee.

Another fact that those close to me know is : I despise washing dishes.  The dishwasher is on my list of favourite appliances, next to the microwave and washing machine for clothes.

Since I didn't run the dishwasher last night before going to bed the mug that I've grown attached to here in Tahoe was dirty.  I grabbed a navy blue one from the cupboard that would suffice for today, filled it, and sat down with a book on how longitude was discovered.  It's a good read.

I looked up from the pages to take a swig of the java, from the white mug with cyclists decked out in the Stars and Stripes.  Hm. Cool mug.  I went back to reading
I was ready for my oatmeal (that's how the morning routine works).  I got up and cooked it, in the microwave (a few feet from the trusty dishwasher).  I sat back down to the book and drank from the navy blue mug.  Wait... didn't I just have a white American cyclist mug?  I've got two mugs going.  Great news! Double the coffee.  Where's the other one?
I throw an egg and banana into my oatmeal sometimes, to make for better sustenance.
My book was too good. I couldn't be bothered to find the missing cup, it would show up later.  I refilled the blue mug to warm the coffee that was too cold.  Suddenly something remarkable happened.  Before my eyes, that darn blue mug turned white, and American cyclists appeared all over it.  A colour changing mug, who would have known!
I love the US, and my American friends, and teammates, but I am a very patriotic girl and will always remain true to my Canadian roots...I'm not sure I would have chosen the American mug because I'm pretty sure there was a crimson one sitting in that cupboard...  Sneaky USAC (Pronounced You-Sack, for USA Cycling), and their schemes to get Canadians to drink from their mugs ;).

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