Dec 20, 2013

A Bloody Good Day

Before the crack of dawn this morning, I was at the hospital for blood tests.  There are two reasons for the timing: 
    1. To get free parking in the street before 9am (JACKPOT)
    2. Get the boring stuff over with so I could move on to training at PowerWatts!

I was waiting patiently for the priority patients to have their blood drawn ahead of me.  (When I fly, it's cool to have priority status.  At the hospital, nobody gets Special-Priority-Status for a "cool" reason.  So, I was happy to wait.)

Instead of sitting in the waiting room, I stuck around in the hallway to up my chances of not going home with some nosocomial infection.  (It probably didn't make much of a difference.)  My cellphone rang.  "Lex, we're here for blood testing.  We're at the door"

"Well, actually, I'm right here!"  I replied, thinking they decided not to call my name over the waiting room loudspeaker.  Hey if they think a cellphone call is more efficient, cool. 

But in fact, it was the CCES who was at my home, waiting at the door to take blood for the Blood Passport program.  How ironic!

After getting 6 tubes of blood drained from my left arm in the hospital, I hustled home and gave 2 more to the CCES from my right arm.  The rest of my blood?  I'm keeping it for MYSELF!  
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...that's what I call a bloody good start to the day.

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