Dec 5, 2012

Ready to get Back in the Air, Like Biggie Smalls.

Who likes Biggie Smalls?  Because: ''I'm goin', goin', back, back, to Cali, Cali'' in two days. 

I scored again this time because I have a connection through ORD, Chicago O'Hare.  It's on my list of favorite airports for 1 reason: the tunnel between the B and C concours.  I'll be frank: riding through it on the moving sidewalk is a trippy experience.  Good, clean fun and I'm all for it.
Chicago O'Hare Int'l Airport: The tunnel between the B and C concourses with flashing neon lights, mirros, and echo-y warning messages to watch your step
I still haven't hooked myself up with Blue Suede Shoes to wear when I fly (you know, like in Mark Cohn's song, Walking in Memphis).  I'll have my yellow Mavic shoes in my Thule carry-on bag though, along with some Look pedals, just in case my checked baggaged doesn't make the connection.  To do otherwise would be a serious beginner's mistake.

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