Mar 6, 2012

I Bought a Magic Necklace

When I woke up, I made myself a bowl of magic oatmeal.  Years ago, I had to kick my habit of Post's Lucky's Charms breakfast cereal, and my magic oatmeal seems to be doing the trick just fine.

I drink my espressos (mainly decaf) from my magic espresso cups when I see fit.  The miracle today was the crema on the shots that I pulled.  Pat on the back, Lex.

I bought a magic necklace from the UK.  A girl named Lisa made it.  I didn't bother asking her how she got the magic in the necklace.  To be honest, she never even claimed in her product description that there were any mystical properties in the orange charms.  I just knew right away when I saw it.  I hope it ships out soon.  It's going to look sharp with my Optum gear. is Lisa's blog.

I have a pair of special socks that I wear when I want my Quarq powermeter to show me big numbers when I crank out the watts on my Orbea.

I have a favorite DVD of a recorded race that I pull out if I feel a little overwhelmed.  I have favorite songs to listen to, and favorite roads to ride when I want a little miracle in my heart.

I like magic.  I like miracles.  I like having fun.  
Magic is everywhere, miracles happen all of the time, and I pretty much always have fun.  Find the magic, be open to the miracles, and I can pretty much garuntee that you'll always have fun too.

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