Oct 12, 2011

Providence Cyclocross Festival Changed my Life

Last Saturday in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, I tackled my first weekend of cyclocross racing ever. I registered in the "Elite/Pro" category, simply for start time convenience. To be quite frank, I hope that there weren't too many people looking at me on the start line because I looked like a dork with a huge grin on my face. (Of all things, my FACE hurt that night from smiling so hard on the line). I felt like I did when I did the Montreal World Cup Race in 2008: "I don't know what the heck I'm getting myself into, but this is flipping COOL!". I had an awesome time and stayed up the entire race. That evening in the hotel lobby, a guy named Ferg told me that meant I didn't try hard enough.

I remediated the issue in Sunday's race. In my practice laps, I bowled into one barrier, and in the race I skidded out in a dirt corner...and later crashed into that same darn barrier. I pitted (or did my best, at least- I still have a bit to learn there) for the mens race still grimy and sweaty.

I slipped on my Defeet compression socks for recovery. I headed to the Boston Airport where I tended to my black and blue finger, and cleaned myself the best I could in the washroom. I ended up looking half presentable. I spent the night at the airport waiting for my flight to EWR (Newark) the next morning. I felt like a scuzzball, but was still having fun...and still running off the high of knowing that I did it, I did a cyclocross race, and I loved it. I think my life has been changed.

I'm in New York now, getting a great taste of the city with some new friends, and of course, with my Specialized Amira. In two more days I'll be back sweating up a storm in Montreal again...

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