Sep 26, 2011

Boston TD Mayor's Criterium 2011

Michael Foley
In March 2011, Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda started out the season on the West Coast in Carlsbad, California.  In September 2011, Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda tied up the season on the East Coast in Boston, Massachusetts.  It makes me think of Terry Fox a little bit...the two oceans and all. 

Right after riding the 105km Défi VéloMag in the Parc de la Mauricie in Shawinigan (it's a tradition, it's my favorite place to ride, and there is no way that I would miss that event!) I packed up the Mazda5 team car and headed southbound, over 800 km, to Boston. My teammate Mary Zider did a primo job of organizing the details so we could rock it at the TD Mayor's Criterium.
Hugo Bergeron
I loved the race venue.   It was right in downtown Boston, on a 4 corner course.  Corner 1, after the start line, went into a downhill slope. Corner 2 led to the second intermediate sprint-line on the backside of the course.  There was a bit of an uphill kick going into and coming out of the corner 3...which was super fun.  Anybody who could gun it out of the 4th corner and hold it just long enough would get over the finish line first.
Michael Foley
The crowds clanging their black TD Bank cowbells were great, and the announcers did a superb job at getting everybody cranked up.  There were citizen rides and races, and a mascot race held the same day which just added to the excitement of the atmosphere in Boston. 

We attacked, we chased, we strategically sat on, and we raked in the sprint primes.  Juvéderm-Specialized-Mazda raced a very active, exciting, and successful final road race in 2011.  We went in to the season the same way we're going out: hard, strong, and having a LOAD OF FUN!

After the race I jumped in a Mazda5 with my teammate Anne Guzman, and drove to Toronto.  (I'm damn lucky that our team cars are Mazda5s.  I've been doing a lot of driving in the past days...) I'll be spending a few days with my mom in Barrie, Ontario before heading back to La Belle Province.  I went out riding on some of my "old favorite" roads today...and am looking forward to ride on a few more of these roads that are apparently mine "TO DISCOVER" (as the license plates say here...!)

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