Aug 4, 2011

It's a Sunny Day in Tielt-Winge

I had a great training ride with my teammate Joanie this morning, somewhere in Belgium.  We filled up our bottles with eload, and just rode and rode until we found the perfect places for our intervals.  Pretty fun. 

Now I'm just chilling outside under the sun, in the backyard of our temporary home-base in Belgium.  Our favorite mechanic, Erik Maresjo has a great playlist of smooth beats flowing from his laptop as he washes our Specialized S-Work Amira bikes. 

Yesterday was a bit of a different story, weather-wise.  It was extremely cloudy and humid all day, and there were some points when the rain came down pretty hard.  That's nothing out of the ordinary here in Belgium though.  I went out for a 3 hour solo-ride.  It's hard going for that long when you're not very familiar with the area, and the fact that the roads aren't in grid format makes keeping your barrings that much more of a challenge.  Luckily local cyclist groups have mapped out bike routes by spraying indicators on the road.  All you have to do is choose one of the symbols, and follow it.  I chose white arrows.  Then I lost track of them, and started following green ones.  Then...I figured I should head home and I followed road signs to big cities that I recognized: Leuven (the home of Stella Artois), then Aarschot, and then back to Tielt-Winge.  I ended up having a great day and got to ride on some new roads.  My chain was flipping dry and noisy once I got back though.  After all of that rain, there was no oil left on it!

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